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Model: WG1


UV-C Sterilising Wand with Phone Charging Function


Sleek, portable and effective UV-C sterilising wand with phone charging function is equipped with top-grade quartz lens with built-in powerful 3.5W LED bulbs that irradiates a strong spectrum of UV-C light to quickly and efficiently kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses within just 10-30 seconds.

WandGlow UV-C Wand's unique 2-in-1 compact design combines both UV-C LED light technology plus a phone charging capability all into one lightweight and easy to use premium sanitising product. Stay extra protected and have added peace of mind knowing that objects and surfaces around...

'WG1' Tech Specifications

Quick UV-C Sterilisation Action

Wave for 10-30 seconds for quick and effective sterilisation

Ergonomically Aesthetic Design

Premium feel palm-sized wand with an elegant rose gold aluminium safety lid

Pocket Size For Easy Carrying

Lightweight, portable and easily stored in a small handbag or pocket

Phone Charging Function

Can also be used as a portable power bank to charge your smartphone anytime


UV and UV-C Reusable Test Card


Our UV & UV-C Reusable Test Card helps you to easily determine whether your device is actually irradiating true UV-C light or just UV light only. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your UV-C device is emitting effective sterilising light with this helpful and reliable indicator test card.

Simply shine your UV-C wand's light onto the test card box areas to test out the light intensity and to get an instant result. Genuine UV-C light is detected when you can see the green luminescent [UV-C] letters appear inside the UV-C test area.

Easy to use, durable and can be re-used hundreds of...


A wonderful portable sanitising wand perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. I always use it to sterilise my yoga mat, gym wear and trainers. An excellent product to disinfect items anytime without constantly using wet wipes.
Great quality and well designed. I bought the UV-C wand as a birthday gift for my wife. I knew she was as germ fighter so she was really thrilled to open and use it right away! She loves using it daily especially on her beauty cosmetics and on our kids toys.
LOVE THIS WAND! Functions exactly as described. Even my husband uses it to disinfect his dental equipment. I purchased a second wand for home use and when out on errands. So easy to use and fits snugly in my handbag. Excellent high quality made product and friendly customer service.
Amazing germ-killing device! Thanks for such an affordable sleek compact steriliser wand! A joy to use on all my tech gadgets and the aluminium lid is a fantastic safety feature. The phone charging function is a saviour for when I'm out all day. Perfect alternative to not having to always use harmful sanitising wipes.

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