Wide Application Daily Use of WandGlow UV-C Sterilising Wand

UV-C Sterilisation on every day objects and places.

According to the FDA, a strong source of UV-C light can help reduce harmful germs and bacteria on surfaces (think everything from your bedding, utensils to furniture) and help disinfect high touch items, like your smart phone, wallet and keys.

Different types of pernicious bacteria and viruses can be killed within 10-30 seconds from focused targeted sterilisation✔🎯 Helping to keep your most used items germ-free, whilst you get on safe and protected with your busy lifestyle.

Where can you use WandGlow UV-C Sterilising Wand?

On most daily item surfaces you will use a lot such as laptop keyboard, smart phone screen, door handles, cutlery and masks.

Great to have for busy people always on the move from the office, coffee meet ups to daily commutes. And for business trips, cleansing your passports, documents, currencies and hotel rooms.

Why should I use WandGlow UV-C Sterilising Wand?

We don’t know about you, but we find sanitising our phones, laptops and clothing with sprays and wet wipes to be unsustainable and expensive! Luckily, WandGlow is here with our super portable UV-C steriliser to make cleaning easier for you. Using UV-C light technology, the wand can disinfect a phone within 10-30 seconds. What’s more, the wand is travel-friendly and simple to use, so you can get to work killing germs and bacteria from all your devices. When you’re done disinfecting your items, simply pop back the safety lid ready for whenever you need to use it again.

Practice extra precaution in the fight against bacteria and viruses with our pocket size, lightweight and easy to use UV-C Sterilising Wandđź‘Ť

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